Daily Grind

Day 10 - 12: Global Game Jam

Over the weekend (a very long, largely sleepless weekend) I worked with a group of fantastically talented artists and developers to create a game in 48 hours, as part of the Global Game Jam. From left to right, Dominic Valles, Eric Cook, Kartikay Kini, Zach Woomer and I made a Castle-Crashers style four player party game. We did such a bang-up job that we won best game at the SCAD Atlanta site. It was a tremendously rewarding and exhausting experience. Check out the site to find out more, or look it up under the games section of my site. 

A screen shot of the menu

A screen shot of the menu

A photo of an early sketch for the level layout

Character design sketch, Jaguar and Fish Warriors

Furious testing and debugging on sunday