Daily Grind

June 15, 2016

This is from a series of work jokes, where we made stylized desktop backgrounds based on the themes of our job (making CTAs, which ask for love gifts, etc.)

Day 10 - 12: Global Game Jam

Over the weekend (a very long, largely sleepless weekend) I worked with a group of fantastically talented artists and developers to create a game in 48 hours, as part of the Global Game Jam. From left to right, Dominic Valles, Eric Cook, Kartikay Kini, Zach Woomer and I made a Castle-Crashers style four player party game. We did such a bang-up job that we won best game at the SCAD Atlanta site. It was a tremendously rewarding and exhausting experience. Check out the site to find out more, or look it up under the games section of my site. 

A screen shot of the menu

A screen shot of the menu

A photo of an early sketch for the level layout

Character design sketch, Jaguar and Fish Warriors

Furious testing and debugging on sunday

Day 9: Doin' My Thing

I made a sketch a while back of a cat driving a mid-50's drop top, and I was listening to GRiZ, and I decided to animate the sketch to the song "Simple". I re-created the original sketch in illustrator, and then animated it in after effects.

Day 8: After an extend and unfortunate delay, here's a worm.

It has been 11 days since I have completed any creative task (besides one Upwork Contract). So I have put forth some degree of effort, a small degree, and created this looping worm gif for your enjoyment [sic]. I played around with Ouroboros by Sander Van Dijk, which can be found here: http://www.sandervandijk.tv/blog/ouroboros 

Day 7: Real Estate Rescue Outro

This was done for a client on Upwork, Reaal Estate Rescue, for an upcoming web show and commercial series. I created it using after effects and illustrator. I can't post the video for copyright reasons, so here is a still shot.

Day 5: Color/Shape/Motion

Apparently, I'm having a pastel moment. I created this by just messing around with element 3d: I was hoping to create something abstract, simple and mesmerizing.

Day 4: Bye Felicia

I could go into great detail about my opinion on the dubious motives of the Atlanta Braves move to Cobb County, but I think this image I put together sums them up rather succinctly. I might make this into a t-shirt.

Day 3: What is This I Can't

After seeing the Simpsons Miami Vice couch gag, I wanted to try and create an absurdly muscle bound character. I did that, then I wanted to make it punch. I did that too. then things spiraled out of control...

what is this i cant

Day 1: Cell Therapy

I made this maze tilting game based on the mood of the Goodie Mob song "Cell Therapy". Use the mouse to tilt the map and move the ball through the city blocks, avoiding the cops on your way to the finish. (obviously I have absolutely zero permission to use the song)


Download It for PC